A Senior Toast! The Top #5 Things Every College Grad Should Do Their Graduation Summer!

Attention Stockton University seniors! Three more weeks and twelve more days (excluding Fridays and weekends) until the last day of school! Thursday, April 28th is only around the corner!

The pressure is on! But why stress about it? Instead of worrying about acing that final exam, practicing for a group presentation, or writing a 10-page paper, take a break and relax your mind by trying to focus on the fun things you can treat yourself to do this summer!

Ok, so we can’t necessarily “run away” to a private island paradise sheltering ourselves from the world and reality, but while we are waiting to hear back from a potential employer or a graduate school, we should take the time to enjoy life while we are still young and carefree!

So what are you waiting for? Put down those textbooks and take out a pen and paper to commence your liberation! Here are the top 5 things you should plan on doing this summer before stepping into your full-time job:

#1) Plan a vacation!

Yes! You are entitled to it! Whether it be a one-night getaway, a fun weekend away or a one-week trip, choose a least one place you would like to travel too before settling into your full-time job or preparing yourself for graduate school. After four long years of college, you deserve to go someplace special that makes YOU happy. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or choose someplace luxurious to have fun. Pick one location that you have been wishing to visit for a long time and make it happen! Invite a friend, relative or colleague to make your experience memorable and enjoy it!

#2) Set aside time for the hobbies you enjoy.

Ok, so if life is really tough and you can’t escape home for even a day, take a least an hour or two for the activities that YOU enjoy doing. Whether it be swimming, bicycling or playing tennis, go out and enjoy the nice summer whether doing outdoor activities you enjoy. Remember, once you begin work, it is not going to be easy to take a stroll outside on a nice day. As simple as it seems, enjoy these opportunities while you can.

#3) Take a long walk or drive.

Whether it is after work or in the early hours of the morning, take the time to go on a walk or a long drive. For me, I do it spontaneously when I feel the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Do not plan it, just do it unexpectedly and you will feel a great deal of relief from your struggles. If you have a friend (or even a pet), bring them along as well!

#4) Visit someone special.

Have you ever promised a friend or grandparent that you would visit them on weekends during the school semester, but never found the time? Well, here is your chance! Set aside time to visit someone you promised to see or have not seen in a long time. By doing this, you will feel reenergized by seeing a friendly face.

#5) Meditate and reflect!

Lastly, never forget that self-reflection and meditation on the things you are grateful for in life is essential—whether it be your family, friends, or your accomplishments in college. Take time to lay out in the backyard by a pool or under shaded tree, and mediate (or even write down in a journal) all of the things you proudly achieved to get where you are today—a college graduate!



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