Land That I Love…God Bless America!

There is nothing more appealing to me than a person who loves our country…from sea to shining sea! 

We have come a long way since 1776, as our great American history embodies some of the most empowering and life-changing achievements the world has ever known.

Since the dawn of the Revolutionary War, to the sounding conclusion of the Civil War in April 1865, our ancestors have strived to reform our nation for the better with the hopes to do great deeds and strengthen the American spirit beyond their wildest dreams.

In 1879, Thomas Edison created the world’s first electric light bulb in Menlo Park, New Jersey, while a few year’s later in 1903, the Wright Brother’s first airplane flight took place on a barren field in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Like I said, we have come a long way!

Just think about how extraordinary it is how we started so small in 1903, later inspiring to enhance aircraft technology into B-17 bomber planes in the 1938. Only a short duration of 35 years!

Take a look of how long we have come since 1903!

The First Flight 1903:

The Navy’s Blue Angels F-18 fighters flying high on Super Bowl 50 in 2016:

Needless to say—nothing beats the power of American Ingenuity!

So where am I going with all of this information?

 It is important to reflect on our past in order to better ourselves in the future. Therefore, we must tell the stories of our past, which is similar to what I do when writing my historical fiction stories that I plan to one day publish.

Ever since I was a little girl, I can vividly remember the days when I cuddled beside my grandfather Dza, listening to his classic war stories when he served as a Navy seaman in World War II.

 And still, to this day, I am blessed to have my all-American hero Dza as a living history of the “Greatest Generation.”

I can also remember those unforgettable days when I sat in between my father and Dza watching those old military documentaries of the two World Wars, the Vietnam War, the U.S. Navy, and the Space Race in the 1960s.

This is when I first began to learn of our great American history and of some of our nation’s finest heroes and military aircraft.

Maybe these are just few of the many reasons why I am an unconditionally proud supporter of our nation…and the main initiative of why I love to write, reflect and recapture some of the most compelling times of our nation’s history.

Based on this idea, I am currently working on a Civil War diary novella in hopes of publishing this summer after graduation. My goal with the diary is to show readers the relevance and importance how the War Between the States evolved and enhanced our nation’s greatness for the better, and how its’ aftermath prompted the following generations to progress and establish new ideas to transform American politics and culture.

 In the seventh grade, I was told to write a five-page diary through the voice of a person witnessing the American Civil War, and a few years later, when I was taking my first Creative Writing course in my junior year of high school, I started to revise the diary as a young adult diary as opposed to a simple 5-page elementary school diary.

Not only did I change my thirteen-year-old voice, but I made the story’s content more relatable to young adult readers as the story revolves around the character’s personalities, first-time romances, and challenges coping with war and devastation at young ages.

I am continuously editing my work in the Writing Senior Seminar this semester for about an hour each day, as I now have 250 pages ready to go!

 As such, I believe every story should be told—just like my grandfather Dza’s and stories of our nation’s greatest heroes who have accomplished so much before us.

We must never lose that drive that is forever engrained in our souls—the blood, sweat and tears endured while building this great nation. So do not forget our roots and what our ancestors have done for us to be where we are today.

Most importantly, never forget the stories of those who continue to fight for our freedom!





2 thoughts on “Land That I Love…God Bless America!

  1. Your blog post came out great! I love how you included multiple photos and a youtube link too- it helps it to be more engaging!


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